Busniess letter

Mr. Luis Ubiñas


Ford Foundation

320 East 43rd Street

New York, New York 10017

Hello Mr. Ubinas I am the president of Athletes United for Peace (AUP) and I was just writing this letter to inform you that we need a little bit more money to support are programs. I will start off by telling you what are organization does, a little about are history and what we plan on doing with the money. To start off AUP has served as a member of the United Nations team of nongovernmental organizations since 1988.(www.riafbo.org 2010) For many years now we work using athletes to promote peace through sports to constituencies in the United States and abroad. Here is a little background check on are organization. Are organization was founded by a group of concerned athletes in the 1980’s after the boycott of the Moscow Olympics by the United States prevented full global participation. The creation of are organization was created by a former Olympic long jumper Dr. Phil Shinnick.(www.riafbo.org 2010) It also included for former Olympic, ex-professional and recreational athletes who were exposed to the boycott and politicizing of the Olympic games. These athletes were deeply concerned about the increasing tension between the United States and the Soviet Union, and were willing to take a stand.(www.riafbo.org 2010) While the cold war was at peak and the nuclear arms race going out of control, these athletes understood from experience that sports could change political ideology and serve as a way to promote a strong message of peace to people and nations around the globe.(www.riafbo.org 2010) So are vision was that individual athletes, as de-fact international good will ambassadors, could carry out the message of peace and world disarmament. We also have a Athletes United for Peace media which had received national recognition and has won several film festival awards for media production excellence. So basically are mission in this nonprofit organization is that we are committed to promoting peace, education and friendship through sports and medial projects.(www.riafbo.org 2010) Throughout are organizations existence, it has used the positive qualities of sports to bridge cultural differences and transcend international barriers, bringing people together from all walks of life to help create a world wide culture of peace. Are team work philosophy fostered through partnership linkages with sports organizations, municipalities, educational institutions, law enforcement and other non profits has helped to improve the quality of life for people in communities around the Bay Area.(www.riafbo.org 2010) These collaborative partnership efforts have enabled us to develop and implement alternative programs designed to aid in the development and growth of aspiring young people. We are a member of the United Nations team world wide non governmental organization. Basically through information technology and digital media, we regularly dismiss key information on the United Nations initiatives via the internet and news media.(www.riafbo.org 2010) As a NGO member with the UN’s Department of public information, we are regularly involved with various programs and initiatives sponsored by UNICEF and UNESCO’s office of sports development.(www.riafbo.org 2010) We have five main programs they are Academics and Sports project, Basketball in the Bairrio camps, Berksley late night Basketball, Digital Technology Academy, and community media out reach project. Im going to tell you about three of these programs first I will start off with Berksley late night Basketball. Berksley late night Basketball was modeled after the National Midnight Basketball Program, Berkeley Latenight is an alternative recreation program held on Friday evenings at the city’s Young Adult Project, and was designed to deter young people away from crimnial activity and antisocial behavior during the time on weekends when crime rates are extremely high. Funded by the City of Berkeley since 1993, the program offers a safe environment for young people to engage in a pre-game informational workshops that cover employment & training, community awareness, health & wellness, and continued education. Participants are also provided with mentorship from menbers of the community. Berkeley Latenight Basketball league games are on Fridays evenings at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm. with program sessions that are conducted in the Fall, Sping and Summer. The program also holds an outdoor summer session at the University of California Berkeley’s.(rogerspark.com 2010) The next one I will discuss is the Basketball in the Bairrio camps. Basketball in Bairrio is Two blocks from U.S. Mexico border in the Segundo Barrio of El Paso, Texas lies the site of one of the most unique basketball camps in the country. Basketball in the Barrio is a mixed combination of history, culture, literature and arts all blended together at the basketball in the Barrio camp. Held each June at the Armijo Community Center, the camp has a strong following of social advocates, ex-pro athletes, artists, musicians and storytellers that journey to El Paso each year for the very special gathering. Founded by AUP’s Rus Bradburd and Steve Yellen, the camp was designed to use basketball as a vehicle to expose youth to the many aspects of their rich Southwest history and culture. Doug Harris’ AUP Media documentary about the history of Basketball in the Barrio won the “Most Inspirational Film” award at the 2008 U.S. Sports Film Festival in Philadelphia.(rogerspark.com 2010) An last but not least the Digital Technology academy. The Digital Technology Academy is a media arts/job training program that was established by AUP in 1997 to introduce high-risk Bay Area teens to the ever-growing field of digital media production. The academy’s initial purpose was to address the digital divide where access to digital equipment was often times limited for many inner-city youth. Over the years, the program has offered many teens an opportunity to learn media production skills with an emphasis on multimedia integration. The academy’s areas of training include: camera operation, lighting, audio, screen composition, research, script writing, special effects, graphic design, and non linear editing with PC and Mac computers.(rogerspark.com 2010)

An over the 25 years history of the organization we sponsored many international, national and community events that have helped to promote peace and friendship. From sports exhibitions, awards presentations, community forums to film screenings we take great pride in sponsoring events that align with are missions and have a positive impact on people from all over the world.(Ebrahim, Alnoor 2010) So what my organization will do with this money is get professional and amateur athletes and athletic advisors interested in promoting sports, health and athletics as a means for peace and friendship like I said before.(Ebrahim, Alnoor 2010) We seek to promote peaceful controlled competition between the U.S, U.S.S.R and other countries. We want to demonstrate by sports exchanges and related activities, that through athletic competition, athletes form common bonds that lead to cooperation and respect for differences. Uphold the two basic principles of the Olympic charter, which are the promotion of physical and moral qualities that are the basis of sport and the education of young people through sports, regarding mutual understanding and friendship, there by creating a more peaceful world. (www.allbusiness.com 2010 the whole paragraph) Mr. Ubinas thank you very much for giving your time to read this letter I hope these are good enough reasons to lend my organization some money, so we can get these programs up and running. All AUP wants is for the world to be a better and peaceful place and keep are young ones out of trouble by keeping them active an doing something productive at all times.


President of the AUP organization Jarvis A. Moore

This paper helped me in alot of ways it helped me how to write a busniess letter the rite way.

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Video i did for class (Hester)



This video helped me start and learn alot about editing videos, i learned its not about the camera but its about the editing program.

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Its the LU


Knew a little bit more when i did this video, but it still helped me out in my major an people were starting to see what i was capable of doing

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My name is Jarvis Antwon Moore I am from Greenville, SC born May 5th 1990. I played basketball for four years in high school, Varsity all four years. I’m the only child, and I attended Riverside High School. I’m a sophomore at Lander University, I’m also a part time rapper and we were close to getting signed. I have only had two jobs and they were both fast food restaurants, Hardees, and Dairy Queen. Basketball is the only sport I played in High School but I love watching football, baseball, and sometimes soccer. When I was younger I played soccer and baseball but just didn’t like them as much as basketball. I have never went to the playoffs out of all my years in high school we were never that good. I have experience with talking to people and around them and would love to work somewhere that would improve my mass communication skills. I have taken speech once in high school and twice in college. I’m a kind of person that works hard at what I do, I was taught to never give up. I also coached a handicap team in basketball and I thought that was a great experience for me and them. I knew when I was little I just had to do anything with sports even if I wasn’t playing them an that’s why I wanted to major in mass communication.
Jarvis A. Moore


Just letting everybody know some things about me, to all my mass comm buddys

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Perspective on Wal-Mart

Wal-mart is an extreme example of the free market system. A large conglomerate like Wal-mart provides goods at lower costs, which in turn drives smaller, often more expensive stores out of business. People do not like what Wal-mart does, however, they shop there because the prices are better. Wal-mart offers a place where you can buy the majority of your goods under one roof. Under the older way of doing things, you half to go from store to store to get everything, which would increase overall costs for the consumer. Every social institituion has both manifest and latent functions. So yes Wal-mart does have both functions, its manifest function is that Wal-mart makes profits and its latent functions is by paying wages there, which border on a single person’s subsistence level, it’s helping to maintain social inequality in that country. Yes there are dysfunctions of Wal-mart, one of the key catalysts for social change might be the fact that Wal Mart does not allow unionised labour. And Wal-mart has been accused of transferring the security and health costs of its workers to the taxpayers of each State in which it operates. An Wal-mart does not affect every group in society the same way. Walmart has established itself as a consumer giant that gives each person that purchases something the opportunity to save money. The reason why I say that Walmart does not affect every group in society is because you have some individuals who refuse to shop there. There are some who don’t care how low the prices are, they just won’t be a customer because they dislike the customer service. You also have some groups that dislike Walmart because they do not compare to other chains such as Target or Cosco’s. What I am saying is, everyone has their own preference. Walmart is available to those who desire to use its service. Some don’t care that the prices are discounted. If they like another chain then they will take their money elsewhere. It all depends on what the customer wants. How does Wal-mart contribute to the conflict between unequal groups in our society, easy. One, Wal-Mart Associates don’t earn enough to support a family because Wal-mart wages are not designed to support a family. But Wal-mart can afford wage increases they just don’t do it. Wal-Mart could contribute to social change should become at least ten percent of its net profit around the world in social donations, mainly aimed at hunger in some countries of Africa. I really don’t see Wal-mart as another symbolic world it has no affect on me or my experience with shopping but it could affect people because there not used to the soroundings, one example is being around a lot of kids. Wal-mart influences our interpersonal interaction by talking to the sales people or other customers. Wal-mart shapes interpersonal interactions for shoppers because it makes you interact with people from different gender, race, class, religion , age, sexual orientation, and etc. Wal-mart contributes to our socially constructed reality because in reality we need stuff from Wal-mart to live life the way we do or want to an I guess you can say that they always have low prices is another one to.

Helped  me learn more about Wal-mart when i did the research

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Video Editing

Film and Video Editors make movies and TV exciting to watch but the video editing I’m really into is doing Music videos, it’s something I have been interested in my whole life. So I’ll start with the rundown, basically each scene or shot in a video is shot multiple times and on several cameras from different angles. But if you can only afford one camera its ok because you can just shoot different shots at a time, might take longer but it still can be successful. What I do is take the best most entertaining takes and put them together and insert sound effects an music. But the best editors go beyond assembling footage and become artists who guide the telling and pace of the video. But at the end of your project, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your work with some buttery popcorn and see your name in the credits. In this job you have expect fierce competition for jobs. The number of film editor positions in the United States, which was at 25,500 in 2008, is expected to grow by 3,000 by 2018, the number of individuals hoping for a job in the motion picture and TV industries are far pass the number of openings. Only the most skilled, persisten, and adept at using technology will land salaried positions or attract enough work to freelance full time. In 2009, film and video editors earned a median of $50,790 annually, with the top 10 percent earning six-figure salaries. Those who work for the motion picture and video industries are the most highly paid, earning a median of about $69,000 each year. Freelancers may see their earnings go up and down considerably from year to year. As with many creative fields, pay can be low until you reach a certain plateau and outlast the competition, which can take years. Top jobs include work on major motion pictures or network TV programs, but there are also a lot of jobs at advertising agencies, local TV stations, and film and technical schools. Corporations increasingly need video editors for promotional spots or Web videos. To keep moving ahead, it helps if you’re in New York City or L.A. or just have the kind of personality that helps you network your way into jobs. Activity level, basically editors sit for long periods at a computer assembling digital footage, and must be extremely detail- oriented. They also can and should collaborate with film or TV directors to make sure the editing advances the story line. Like a lot of project- based work, slow moments tend to alternate with intense periods of around- the- clock work. Moderate. Sometimes editors need to work long or irregular hours to meet production schedules. Deadline pressure is a given. A bachelor’s degree is required for most film and video editing jobs, including coursework in videography and computer technology. Employers usually seek applicants with a good eye for filmmaking, imagination, and creativity, as well as a thorough technical understanding of editing software and cinematography. The real test is your work; however the next job could be or likely is to come from somebody who was impressed with your last one. I did hear that most often you probably would have to be an assistant editor before you become an editor. Your skill set should include Avid and Final Cut Pro, and it helps to know Adobe Photoshop and Adobe after Effect. The editor cuts. The assistant does everything else, from importing dailies to on lining the show. One more thing that you should know there are 5 important skills, Reorganization, Monitoring, Information Organization, Product Instpection, and Communication and Media, you must knowledge the media production and communication. And two graduate schools that are good to go too and that could really help you out is Miami Dade College and the University of Central Florida. Well that’s really the basics that you need to know for video editing but the overall thing is just to get out and network you will never be successful in this field if your just laying around.

Doing this paper helped me learn more about video editing

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Terrorism Paper

Terrorism and Media
Terrorism and media are linked together in so many ways, matter of fact if it wasn’t for the media we wouldn’t know about half the bad things that goes on with terrorism. Terrorist use the media to spread fear and thus advance its political goals, a terrorist organization needs the media. Most of the time terrorist attacks are very localized, and affect only a few people. The goal, however, is to spread the message to more people than just those who were directly hit in the attack. The media plays an important role in achieving this by spreading the news of the attacks or even by directly transferring the message of terrorist organizations. And to be honest the relationship is not a one-way street. Although terrorism cannot be labeled “ oxygen of the media” cause after all the media would not cease to exist or radically change if terrorism ended tomorrow, the media do profit form terrorism as well. Perhaps no oxygen, terrorism seems to be an attractive boon for media converag, mainly because terrorist attacks make viewer ratings surge, the goal of most if not all television channels. This mutual relationship between terrorism and the media is the broad subject of my paper.
Basically terrorism is theatre, and terrorist attacks carefully choreographed to attract attention of the media. Also so read that according to Fawas Gerges the use of the media is so important for al-Qaida, that many within the organization have said that Bin Laden is obsessed with the international media, basically he is a publicity hound and has caught the disease of screens, flashes, fans, and applause. And he is not the only extremist to value the media so highly, there a plenty more. Al- Zawahiri is believed to have said that more than half of this battle is taking place in the battlefield of the media. An islamist magazine worte “ Film everything, this is good advice for all mujahideen. You should be aware that every frame you take is as good as a missle fired at the crusader enemy and his puppets. (Quoted in: Econmist, 2007). And to be honest from their point of view they seem to be right. Bruce Hoffman argues on terrorist attackst that “without the media’s coverage the act’s impact is possibly wasted, remaining narrowly confined to the immediate victims of the attack, rather than reaching the wider target audience at whom the terrorists violence is actually aimed. (Hoffman 2006, 174). Basically without massive news coverage the terrorist act would resemble the famous tree falling in the forest, I’m saying if no one learned of an incident, it would be as if it had not occurred. The media is very well suited for the purposes of terrorists. Terrorist like to be on their audiences minds but for each terrorist organization the objectives in using the media may be different, gaining attention is all they really want. Terrorist are trying to be in the media as often and as long as possible, in order to become well known to the public. They attempt to influence media outlets so that they, inturn, will influence the audience by spreading the word on the existence of the organization. The major factor of this objective is to creating fear among the target population. In fact it is an important factor in any terrorist agenda that the whole tactic of terrorism is based upon, and that is visible in all parts of terrorist activity. This is not different for terrorist use of the media. The strategy to gain attention is meant, to an important extent, to intimidate the audience.
The internet can also be used and has been used for many purposes by terrorist. Examples are cyber-terrorism, coordination of plans of attack, communication with cells, or propaganda and information. The internet has become so prominent that some think it is replacing the role of the “old” media, especially concerning terrorism. For example, Michel Moutot, in charge of terrorism at the press agency l’Agence France-Presse (AFP), said in an interview: “terrorist do not really need us anymore to convey their message. The official media have been replaced by the Internet which, in the end, is much easier to use, much quicker and much more effective. Terrorist groups now have their own websites where the can convey their propaganda and, for most of them, they advise their readers and followers not to trust the media which are now seen as the enemy. New recruits do not trust us.” Keeping in mind the four goals terrorists have using the media that Brigitte Nacos described, it becomes clear how the Internet is so useful for terrorist groups. The first goal, gaining attention and awareness, is easier achievable over the Internet than through the old media. The Internet reaches an enormous audience, much bigger than any other media outlet. The Internet can function as a world wide press agency. Messages put online by terrorist organizations are picked up by other Internet sites, and may find their way to the regular media. The second goal, gaining recognition of the organization’s motives, becomes much easier, since terrorists can now frame their own messages. The third objective, gaining respect and sympathy of those in whose name terrorists claim to attack, probably benefits most from the Internet. After all, those who are interested in a certain terrorist organization are most likely to actually look for the information at the source.
Another way to directly run the media, is to create it yourself. Again, this can be a newspaper, a journal, or a radio station, but in some cases terrorists have created their own television channel as well, even broadcasting it over satellite to millions of homes throughout the world. The best example is the Lebanese Hezbollah’s al-Manar television channel. Al-Manar directly broadcasts Hezbollah’s point of view, and does so very successfully. In fact it is said to be in the top 5 of best watched television channels in the Middle East, and internationally it has reported approximately 10 million viewers per day. (Ibid.,224; Jorisch 2004). Creating terrorist television channels has similar advantages for terrorist organizations as the use of the Internet, at least from a media point of view. Awareness, recognition of motives, or sympathy and respect are all easier to achieve if the channel is made by the organization itself. Rohner and Frey note that “[t]here is a common-interest-game, whereby both the media and terrorists benefit from terrorist incidents and where both parties adjust their actions according to the actions of the other player.” (Frey 43 and Rohner 2007, 142). In other words, they claim that more terrorism leads to
more media coverage on the subject, and that the converse is true as well: more media coverage on terrorism leads to more terrorist activity.
“It is difficult to establish policies governing the operation of global media, particularly in peacetime. The global media system itself is largely unregulated. In democratic nations, industry pressures and social norms work against regulation (…) Individual media organizations are primarily self-regulated and fight hard against efforts to control their operations.” (Owen 2003, 251). With this sentence, Diana Owen paints a clear picture of the problem that policy makers face concerning the link between terrorism and the media. New media, especially the Internet and satellite television, are particularly attractive for terrorists, since they offer the possibility to be the media, and thus post their objectives in a more direct way. Increase of terrorism to new media like the Internet and satellite television leads to a situation in which not only a mutual relationship exists between terrorism and the media, but where the media is an extension or even a basic part of the terrorist organization. A third point, about the effects of the relationship, is that on the one hand, without media attention, terrorism could never be as successful as it is today. The most important question is, then, what can and should be done, realistically, to counter the link between terrorism and the media? Instead, media must themselves decide what can be published and what cannot. To sum things up there is no way the media can go without be linked to terrorism but hopefully together democratic values can be kept in place, people can remain well informed, while terrorists will find it harder to use the media as a weapon in their struggle.

This paper helped me realize how much terrorism an media were really connected

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